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Talk about my understanding of xLog

xLog refers to https://xlog.app/ created by Diygod and others. Its logo is as follows:


First of all, xLog is mainly a blog.#

The word "blog" is actually a new word, less than 25 years old. The earliest blog can be traced back to December 1997 when Jorn Barger first ran and used the Weblog website, which means web log. In 1999, Peter Merholz advocated understanding Weblog as "We blog," and people began to use Blog instead of Weblog as the name for blogs. The name changed, the richness of content changed, but its essence as an online diary did not change (reference: source 1).

Secondly, xLog should be understood as Xlog, the Blog of the Web3 era.#

Xlog in the Web3 era corresponds to Blog in the Web2 era; the "X" in Xlog represents infinity, decentralization, etc. If written as xLog, it would be understood as x+Log (n. log, diary, logarithm; v. log in; fell trees; march), which would be difficult to correspond to Blog and understand the historical heritage between Xlog and Blog. At the same time, Xlog is more in line with English writing habits than xLog, just as Blog is written as Blog and not bLog. Therefore, understanding xLog as Xlog not only inherits the essence and history of Blog but also conforms to English writing habits.

Thirdly, for the bloggers on the Xlog platform, they can be called Xloggers.#

Following Peter Merholz, Evan Clark Williams expanded Blog from a noun to a noun and a verb, that is, as a noun, blog, and as a verb, to blog; at the same time, he named the owners of blogs as Bloggers and created the Blogger.com platform, which was later acquired by Google and became the most widely used blogging platform in the world, and all bloggers can actually be called Bloggers. In order to demonstrate the characteristics of the Web3 era, following Evan Clark Williams' thinking, the bloggers of Xlog can be called Xloggers: bloggers of the Web3 era.

Of course, no matter what Xlog bloggers are called, it may not be important; what is important is that we learn to record and think, and grow and develop together with Xlog. As physicist Richard Feynman said, speaking your thoughts is the best way to test your learning. And to some extent, writing out your thoughts is a prerequisite for speaking out your thoughts. Thanks to the platform provided by Xlog, I hope to record and think more, and share interesting, fun, and beneficial things with everyone.

Finally, looking forward to the profitability and long-term operation of the Xlog platform.#

The slogan of the Xlog platform is "Write, Own, and Earn," which can be understood as "writing, owning, and earning." Currently, the Xlog platform has achieved the first two parts of the slogan but has not yet achieved the third part. I recently consulted Diygod, the creator of Xlog, and she said that Xlog adheres to a long-termism and will consider profit models for the Xlog platform and Xloggers in the future. She did not elaborate on when and how profitability will be achieved. Perhaps the profit model will be realized in the form of cryptocurrency; we are all eagerly awaiting when and how it will be achieved, truly realizing "Write, Own, and Earn."


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