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Xlog, allows you to have a modern-style blog for free in just 5 minutes.

If you can have a beautiful, functional, privacy-focused, and future-oriented blog for free within 5 minutes, wouldn't you want to give it a try?

  1. Beautiful.
    Modern UI design, responsive for both mobile and PC.
    Let's start with some screenshots of blogs built on Xlog.
    Wei Yexing: Blog screenshot
    Geng Du Li Sheng: Blog screenshot
    Zhen Xia Jiu Meng Blog screenshot

  2. Modern.
    Xlog relies on underlying technologies such as Ethereum blockchain, IPFS, and Web3.0. The initiator and operator of Xlog aim to build web services based on the latest technologies for the future. Personal blog account information can only be accessed by the blog owner, and neither Xlog nor others can access it.

  3. Free.
    The operational logic of Xlog blogs is that after users register, any modifications or blog writing activities require the consumption of the cryptocurrency CSB. However, each user has one opportunity per day to claim CSB cryptocurrency for free, only when their cryptocurrency balance is below 0.02 CSB. After users claim 0.02 CSB, they can perform 100-1000 blog operations. Therefore, Xlog bloggers can perform various blog operations for free.
    Cryptocurrency claim address: Faucet.

  4. AI Empowerment
    Two features of Xlog blogs that caught my attention are the built-in AI functions. These AI functions mainly include automatically generating summaries of blog posts and automatically translating blog posts into the target language. For example, if your blog is written in Chinese but a user from the UK is browsing it, the blog post will be automatically translated into English. Automatic summary generation
    Automatic translation to target language

  5. Easy to get started
    Although Xlog blogs seem to use technologies such as encrypted wallets, the operational logic is actually simple and the actions are easy to perform. You can have your own blog within 5 minutes. Tutorials can be found here.

  6. Warm community
    The Xlog blog community is a warm community. The initiators, operational engineers, and others often visit the Xlog blog community and interact with everyone. They have also organized some reader incentive activities in the past.

  7. Others
    Supports Markdown and can automatically generate a table of contents for blog posts.
    You can use the igdu.xlog.app domain format for free or customize your own domain for free https://igdux.com.
    Very mobile-friendly.
    Supports switching between reading modes, such as dark and light mode.
    Supports RSS subscription for blogs.
    Can be accessed directly in China.

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